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YA 2023-2024 YA Theme

"Reflecting: Celebrating the Me I See"

Our NCRA President, Emily Golightly

defines our writing project this year in the following way:

"Through this theme, it is my hope and wish that our authors and illustrators will celebrate their unique talents, gifts, abilities, and qualities, and develop an appreciation for what makes them special and unique. As you and your students write, you may find connections with your own family and ways you are similar to a special relative, or connections within your friendships, and the things that draw you together."

Why Should You Consider Participating in the YA Writing Project?

* The YA Writing Project is a wonderful way to encourage writing across grade levels.

* Students who submit writing have the potential to win at three different levels: School, County & State.

* YAs are encouraged to write about their personal story -- past, present and future.

* Authors may write in their first language and submit it along with an English translation.

* Authors may write prose or poetry, or fiction or nonfiction.

* Students may also submit an original design or artwork for the cover of the 2023 NCRA Young Authors' Anthology.

Theme Writing Prompts


YA Books to Inspire Theme


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