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"Reflections: Celebrating the Me I See"

The theme for the Young Authors’ Project is Reflections: Celebrating the Me I See. Participants are asked to write about the things that make you, YOU! This theme can be interpreted and expressed in a variety of ways and can include the following ideas and perspectives:

  • Share about the "best part of you" it your smile? Your legs or arms as an athlete? Your eyes that notice the world around you? As you reflect on yourself, what can you find to love and appreciate?
  • Family Reflections: Write about connections to a special family member. As you think about them, how are you similar to that person? (Do you get compared to them because you remind others of them in the way you look or act?) In what ways has this family member shaped you into the person you are today?
  • Reflect on a time you did something or accomplished something that made you proud, or made a difference in your community, school, or family.
  • Reflect on the things you love about yourself. What makes YOU uniquely YOU?
  • Reflect on a time you struggle with something. How did that struggle make you stronger? How do you celebrate yourself -- including your struggles -- and appreciate the struggle as a part of your life's journey?


YA 2023-24 Guidelines, Instructional Strategies and Entry Forms for Moore County entries

MCRA Writing Theme & Guidelines

MCRA YA Writing Prompts

Writing Entry Form - English

Writing Entry Form - Spanish

Writing Judging Rubric

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Artwork Entry Form - English

Artwork Entry Form - Spanish

Artwork Judging Rubric


Click here for the NCRA PowerPoint presentation on the

2023-24 Young Authors Writing Project.


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