Moore County Reading Association of NC
                             Moore County, North Carolina
                        ILA Honor Council 1988-2019

          A local council of the  North Carolina Reading Association, Inc.  &
         an affiliate of the  International Literacy Association


  • Membership in MCRA is open to educators, parents, community members, and anyone interested in promoting literacy and a love of reading in schools, the community, the state, and the world.
  • With your MCRA membership, you also become a member of the North Carolina Reading Association (NCRA).
  • MCRA is affiliated with the International Reading Association (ILA), which consists of councils located worldwide. This is a separate membership. For more information, click on ILA above.

2019-2020 NCRA Membership Incentive Awards

Moore County Reading Association is the 2nd largest NCRA council in NC 

with 235 members!  (The largest council has 236 members.)

MCRA received these 2020 NCRA membership awards:

1.  Councils maintaining membership_$50

2.  Councils increasing membership_$25

3.  Councils with 200+ members (President's Club)_ $100

4.  Councils with 12+ student members_$75

5.  Council with the most NEW members_$100