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Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Location: The Country Bookshop

             Southern Pines 

Time: 4:30 pm


Program:               “What’s New & Highly Recommended in Adult Books & Children’s Literature”


Angie Tally

Educator, Consultant,

and resident children’s book expert for

The Country Bookshop

Session Description:

The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines will host our November in-person meeting at the Bookshop.

At 4:30 pm Angie will present a 20 minute program on “What’s New & Highly Recommended in Adult & Children’s Literature.”

All attending will receive a 20% discount coupon to use on ALL purchases at

The Country Bookshop, but you must attend the meeting and use your coupon that evening to get your discount.

Also, Angie will have a box of FREE adult books you can choose from!


Invite a friend to join in our Holiday book program at the Country Bookshop.

Please try to attend! Angie always has good stuff to share and you can do some Christmas shopping at a discount! (As teachers , we always get a 20% discount but that is only on classroom items -- this is 20% off of ANYTHING in the shop!)

Hint: You may want to shop early, pick out your goodies and have the clerks at the Bookshop hold your things until that evening. 

Or, just come early that day and shop.

Don't miss this fun night of book celebrations!!

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