Moore County Reading Association of NC
                             Moore County, North Carolina
                        ILA Honor Council 1988-2019

          A local council of the  North Carolina Reading Association, Inc.  &
         an affiliate of the  International Literacy Association

L-R: LeeAnn, Corinne, Brittany, Christine, Pam & Ann

MCRA Executive Board Officers


Christine Leo

Christine is the co-ordinator of all MCRA events as MCRA President. She is responsible for leading each meeting and is the contact person for all things concerning MCRA. 

Brittany Driggers

Brittany is in charge of program planning and CEUs. If the President cannot be present for a meeting/event, the Vice-President will preside.

Leeann Felicetta

LeeAnn is the MCRA Secretary and keeps a written record of each meeting.

Ann Spong &
Corinne Walls

Ann & Corinne are co-chairing the Treasurer & Membership positions. They are responsible for the collection of council memberships, depositing all funds received, dissemination of membership reports to NCRA, as well as issuing all MCRA checks.

Pamela Moore

  As Parlimentarian, Pamela oversees our meetings, making sure that we follow proper procedures of Roberts Rule of Order and the NCRA & MCRA bylaws.